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Introducing some of the most advanced lures in the industry with new overcast Intelliscents® using real fish and shrimp bits to make real flavoring not just smells!

FAll fishing is here!!
Bucking shrimp
One of the best designed shrimp lures on the market that gives you intriguing action no matter the rigging choice! Forward, backward, through the nose, you name it!!
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Fall fishing is here!!
Swimming shad
Tommy Vidrine's Favorite soft Plastic lure for Speckled Trout! Packed with tail and body action that triggers even the largest of trout, bass, Flounder and redfish to strike! Follow Tommy Vidrine for rigging and record setting catches using our lures exclusively!
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Forget everything you know about popping corks. This Is The Future!!

Tommy Vidrine Shows off his catch using our swimming shad. December 2020

Overcast Fanger Banger... Bring in the big guns

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Natural swimming action

All have been proven time and time again to produce when other lures won't!


Catch the big girls

Our INTELLESCENTS® are a one of a kind flavoring/scent that bring in the big girls. Land that trophy!!

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