BS009  (PRE-ORDER) Marsh Cricket (4) pack (2) rigged

BS009 (PRE-ORDER) Marsh Cricket (4) pack (2) rigged

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*** DISCLAIMER*** these are now in PRE-order status only!!! This means if you order any other item with the cajun pepper, Mardi Gras Mellon, or marsh cricket  Bucking shrimp the other items will not be shipped out until this particular lure is available again. As of now the shrimp will be available by 07/01/2020. Thank you for reading! 

These shrimp are the perfect clear water throw! They gleam in the sun and attract those looker trout that don’t wont the solid colors!  No need to work them for action... let them sit on the bottom and something will be sure to scoop them up! These are perfect when fish are finicky and need that perfect match and flavor to fit the exact food they’re targeting!