Overcast LureCo


Overcast swimmin’ Shad

Image of Overcast swimmin’ Shad

These Swim baits are 3.93” long end to end.

Using high grade and environmental friendly material, these swimmin’ shad still have the toughness of your everyday soft plastic lure. Not too soft so that you have to struggle to hook them but, still soft enough to give the predatory fish a real type of feel. The overcast swimmin’ shad has also been injected with real fish enzymes to give off that scent predatory game fish can’t resist! Works great on Bass, speckled trout, and redfish! Tie one of these babies on and see why OvercastLureCo has such a sterling reputation on the water!

Packages contain (4) lures per package
Lures can be hooked:
With a jig head
Used as a trailer on spinner baits, buzz baits etc...