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New! 3oz. Oclc vertical offshore jigs

Image of New! 3oz. Oclc vertical offshore jigs

The ultimate in quality for the price! cast out as far as you can or drop these vertically until your line goes "limp" then jig vertical pulling your rod tip up, reeling in slack as you point the tip of your rod back down. (repeat) until the jig reaches the surface then, do it all over again.
Vertical jigging has been proven successful in all parts of the gulf south in clear water along the gulf coast where pelagic fish can be caught.
Each jig comes with highly visible holographic finishes and three dimensional eyes that can be seen from a great distance as a life-like lure. These jigs were strategically designed so that they have eccentric weight distribution that gives it a strong wobbling action with its sleek-like profile to emulate a baitfish or a frantic squid.
Use these to catch : Tuna, kingfish, wahoo, grouper, snapper, mahi, and cobia.
All jigs come with PE rope connected to 420 stainless steel hooks.