Helix Cork®️


Factory warranty on all parts except the carbon fiber shaft and the line positioner. The line positioner is a wear item. 

Patent pending#: 63/129,385

We recommend using Berkeley big game trilene mono for the best results with this cork! 17lb.

The Helix Cork is the world’s first ever fully adjustable in-line popping cork!
The most natural sound on the market!

Make live bait seen instead of dragging it along the bottom! 
No more using numerous depth leaders! 
Eliminate Knots! Only one knot required at the hook! 






 The materials used and the configurations in which those materials are used are protected under a utility patent. This means that any rendition using the materials, configurations of those materials, or similar conjunctions that can be found an infringement of patenting rights will be punishable by law. Please use the “contact us” form to license the production and sales of this product through OvercastLureCo. 

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3 products